Bahrainis Say Struggle to Continue till Freedom
January 20, 2017
Bahraini anti-regime protesters took to the streets in the village of Diraz to voice readiness to continue their freedom-seeking struggle.

The demonstrators on Friday reiterated that they are ready to sacrifice their lives for their legitimate demands including freedom.

They also slammed the ruling Al Khalifa regime’s ban on Friday prayers in the village, which is the hometown of leader of Bahrain’s Shiites Sheikh Isa Qassim, and Manama’s"...

US textiles firm opens new Bahrain factory, part of $160m investment
January 20, 2017

WestPoint Home, a US-based textiles manufacturer, has inaugurated its new spinning facility in Bahrain as part of the company’s ongoing growth in the Gulf kingdom.

The new $9 million investment marks WestPoint Home’s third expansion in Bahrain over the past five years and more than $160 million of investments over the past 10 years, where products produced generate over 50 percent of its total global revenues annually.


Protests against execution of Shia activists rage on in Bahrain
January 20, 2017

Anti-regime protests continue across Bahrain in strong condemnation of the recent execution of three Shia Muslim activists, whom the Al Khalifah regime alleged had killed three policemen during a pro-democracy demonstration back in March 2014.

People took to the streets in several villages, including Diraz, Barbar, al-Daih and Sar, following Friday prayers to express their outrage over the executions and denounce the Al Khalifah regime’s repressive"...

Bahrain extends support to increase employment for Lankans
January 20, 2017

Bahrain's Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan has been invited by the Foreign Employment Minister of Sri Lanka to participate at the Ministerial Consultation of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue. Ali Humaidan expressed his satisfaction and appreciation of the expatriate community of Sri Lanka, working and domiciled in Bahrain, for their contribution in progressing and advancing the economy of Bahrain.

The Minister also added"...

Bahrain lifts website ban on 'only independent' newspaper
January 20, 2017

Bahraini authorities on Thursday lifted a ban on the online edition of Al-Wasat newspaper, which was accused of "sowing sedition" and harming national unity in the aftermath of protests by the Gulf state's Shia majority.

Al-Wasat was banned on Monday a day after protesters took to the streets following the execution of three Shia men found guilty of killing three police officers in a bomb attack in 2014.


Labour minister meets Sudanese delegation
January 20, 2017
Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan received Sudan Workers Trade Unions Federation (SWTUF) Secretary-General Youssef Abdulkarim and the accompanying delegation.

The minister outlined the prospects of independent trade union work which enjoys the support of the wise leadership in Bahrain, hailing its crucial role in consolidating labour gains and promoting dialogue and professional stability.

“Bahrain has earned the trust of international intuitions, particularly the Arab Labour Organisation (ALO) and the International Labour...