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SEA and Petrofac Robert Bruce discusses new ways to store energy

March 9, 2021
oil and gas

President of the Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA) Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza met remotely with Business Development Director at Petrofac Robert Bruce.

Dr. Mirza briefed him on the national plans for renewable energy and energy efficiency and the most prominent existing and future projects. He highlighted the importance of the initiatives and policies included in the two national plans in support of the comprehensive national development plan of Bahrain.

SEA president discussed the possibilities of cooperation with Petrofac to benefit from its experience in the fields of energy storage and the conversion of carbon emissions into energy and in the fields of renewable energy in general.

Dr. Mirza highlighted the vital role of British embassy in Bahrain in translating the development plans drawn up by the government into bilateral relations that encourage investment and exchange of experiences.

Robert Bruce shared during the meeting the important achievements and projects accomplished by the company in the fields of renewable energy, which include renewable energy projects based on land and in coastal and floating areas. In addition to the latest technologies and solutions that the company uses to store energy, praising the achievements of the SEA, headed by Dr. Mirza.

The meeting resulted to set up a joint work team that includes experts and specialists from both sides to work on developing a plan within the framework of a cooperation agreement between Petrofac and the SEA.