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BNET announces the launch of its Network Emergency Response Centre

March 28, 2021

Bahrain’s National Broadband Network (BNET), the national company responsible for providing broadband network services in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has launched a Network Emergency Response Centre (NERC), with the aim of responding to reports of damages to network infrastructure. The centre, open to the public, can be reached on the public number (17175757), and operates around the clock, five days a week (24 hours / 5 days), from Sunday to Thursday.

NERC is part of the Network Intelligence Centre of Excellence (NICE), launched by BNET earlier in January 2021 and provides 24/7 proactive monitoring and management of Bahrain’s smart digital telecommunication infrastructure networks to ensure the continuity of network operations and services by addressing any issues in real time. As part of that mandate, BNET’s Network Emergency Response Centre (NERC) is responsible for addressing and resolving reports of damages that occur to BNET’s network infrastructure as a result of construction work or any other causes that may disturb the network’s performance and cause the disruption of its services.

Acting Chief Technical Officer Mohamed Alkaabi said that “the Network Emergency Response Centre provides an immediate response to reports related to any damages that occur to BNET’s fiber optic network infrastructure, as part of the company’s commitment to ensure the provision of improved and efficient services, and the quality of the national broadband network infrastructure.”

Establishing NERC is aimed at ensuring the provision of safe, reliable and stable network services to licensed service providers, and by extension to end-users in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as BNET continues to work on implementing its strategic plans to provide improved and effective fiber optic infrastructure across the Kingdom, and ensure delivery quality services following best practice.