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Bahrain is the 3rd most affordable country to buy a Range Rover

March 31, 2021

New research from carinsurance.ae reveals the cost of buying a Land Rover Range Rover in 53 countries, to discover where you pay the most and least for the popular SUV.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Countries To Buy A Range Rover:

Rank Country Continent Price (Local Currency) Price (USD)
1 Malaysia Asia RM 1,444,862 $356,303
2 Singapore Asia S$461,999 $354,446
3 Vietnam Asia ₫8,040,000,000 $352,474
4 Hong Kong Asia HK$2,588,000 $336,828
5 Cambodia Asia $309,900 $314,177

Malaysia was revealed as the most expensive country to purchase a Range Rover, where the cheapest model costs 1.44 million ringgit, which is $356,303 USD. The reason for this is that foreign cars in Malaysia are subject to high excise duties which can considerably inflate their price for Malaysians.

The Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Buy a Range Rover:

Rank Country Continent Price (Local Currency) Price (USD$)
1 United States North America $92,154 $92,154
2 Canada North America C$116,100 $92,253
3 Bahrain Asia BHD 37,722 $101,054
4 Qatar Asia QAR 407,700 $111,710
5 Romania Europe €90,800 $111,956
6 Oman Asia OMR 43,600 $114,685
7 United Kingdom Europe £84,015 $115,101
8 Kuwait Asia KWD 36,320 $120,882
9 Morocco Africa MAD 1,064,100 $120,999
10 Kazakhstan Europe KZT 49,837,000 $122,898

The United States emerged as the cheapest country to purchase a Range Rover where it is
almost four times cheaper than in the most expensive country, at a cost of $92,154 USD.
Across the border in Canada, it costs an extra $99 USD to buy the same SUV.