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CrediMax introduces its ‘Parents/Young-Adults digital Dashboard’ through its Mobile App in association with its new card ‘iLead’

April 5, 2021

CrediMax is pleased to introduce its latest innovative digital service, which allows parents to view and manage their children’s spending’s through the Parent Dashboard available on its Mobile App. iLead is a Mobile App solution associated with a Pre-Paid Contactless Cards that would be designed to help parents teach their young generations the value of money in a digital age as early as possible. It is aimed at young generations/children to help them manage their pocket money or allowance.

Parents having CrediMax credit card or pre-paid card can apply for their child’s “iLead” card and manage all card functions, activities and track their spending history through the Parent Dashboard available on CrediMax Mobile App. The parents will have access to controls such as setting up weekly and monthly allowances; define the card daily, weekly and monthly spending limit, enabling and disabling online, in-store and international transactions and much more.

“In line with CBB vision and direction to fight cash in circulation, promote innovative digital payment solutions, as well as actively contribute in expanding financial inclusion in Bahrain, we are excited to introduce a new digital service designed for Parents with young adults.” said Chief Executive of CrediMax, Mr. Ahmed A. Seyadi “This is part of CrediMax strategic long term initiatives to promote cashless society by educating new generations financial independence and control. Young adults will be financially included as early as possible to learn spending responsibly and working towards savings goals in a safe environment under the direct supervision of parents.” he added.

Young Adults will have their own digital mobile dashboard to monitor and track their spending, Save part of their allowance to achieve specific goals as well as many other interesting features through their own access to CrediMax Mobile App. “iLead” is a pre-paid contactless enable card that can be used at any Merchant accepting card payments under the supervision of parents.