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Motorcity launches full range of Chery Pro SUVs in Bahrain

August 2, 2021

Motorcity, the exclusive distributor of Chery vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has unveiled the all-new range of Tiggo Pro SUVs at its showroom in Sanad. The latest addition to the Chery line-up the Tiggo 4 Pro, Tiggo 7 Pro and the Tiggo 8 Pro are all lined up to dazzle the people of Bahrain with their outstanding and high-tech features.

The Pro range is the third generation of Chery’s production line and boasts all the major features and characteristics of premium brands in compact and affordable vehicles ready for the Middle East. Motorcity has been the exclusive distributor for Chery vehicles for the last 15 years, part of its promise to bring the best and most reliably affordable vehicles to Bahrain under a single roof and supported by decades of customer excellence.

Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo CEO Mr. Mike Brightmore welcomed the new line, expressing his excitement at the launch, “Chery has been extremely successful in the Bahrain market due to its modern elegant look and futuristic technologies. China’s number one car manufacturer is part of the Motorcity family because we know our market and we have years of experience with automotive and of course we always take care of our customers. The new PRO range is beautiful, and we cannot wait for the people of Bahrain to visit the showroom and tell us their thoughts.”

The Tiggo 8 Pro, the new flagship model, is an award-winning vehicle that reflects China’s robust economy and automotive industry. The car’s 1.6L TGDI engine (Turbo Gasoline Direct Injection) is the first engine to be fully produced and conceptualised in China, earning itself the title of ‘Strongest China Core’. Chery integrates the concept of “luxury” into the DNA of Tiggo 8 PRO, creating an all-round SUV that can be used for home, work or adventures.

The seven-seater SUV has been created to support the world’s growing interest in luxury flexible mobility, where high-quality materials adorn the interior, sparing no expense to create a comfortably spacious cabin wrapping the passengers in an elegant, fashion inspired luxury. The compact SUV Tiggo 4 pro, and mid-sized SUV Tiggo 7 Pro easily surpass others in their size range and challenge them in affordability.

For information on Chery vehicles in Bahrain, visit https://chery.motorcity.bh/, or the Motorcity showroom in Sanad. Customers may contact Motorcity on 17500900 and follow Chery on Facebook and Instagram at @CheryBahrain.