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BRCS holds training courses for members

September 22, 2021
finance & economy

The Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS) is organizing several training courses for its affiliates and volunteers, in collaboration with the regional delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross for the Gulf Cooperation Council, as part of the Society’s desire to continue qualifying Bahraini cadres in the field of relief and humanitarian work.

The rest of the training programs are being completed, as the society is now organizing a training course in first aid from September 21 to 23, as well as the “communication skills” course for the society’s employees and committee chairpersons, and the “rehabilitation of volunteers.”

Mr. Mubarak Al-Hadi, the Society’s Secretary-General, explained that this training is part of the Society’s work to implement the joint training plan for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries that was drawn up with the International Committee of the Red Cross this year and following the good development and humanitarian goals that were drawn up for that plan, which will be implemented this year.

“This training comes as a continuation of a series of training courses that the Red Crescent started with the ICRC this year, where the rehabilitation course for volunteers has been completed, and it will be completed with the rest of the programs according to the plan developed in advanced first aid, psychological support, media, and the development of skills for managing daily administrative tasks,” Al Hadi said.

Al Hadi concluded by praising the Society’s volunteers for their high level of qualification, particularly those who continued to develop themselves, and urged the participants to be patient and follow the session’s program, as well as the trainers’ directives and instructions, to focus and pay attention to gain the desired benefit.