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15,000 visitors for Manama Festival during its first week

December 23, 2021

The “Manama Festival 2021”, which is currently being held at Water Garden City, has attracted more than15,000 Bahrainis, residents, and tourists so far, during the first week of its launch. The festival coincides with the kingdom of Bahrain’s celebrations of glorious national holidays.

The second week of the festival, which concludes on January 1st, is expected to see a similar or larger number of visitors as a result of its success, the good atmosphere and new year holidays. This year’s Manama Festival includes various entertainment events to suit the needs of visitors from families, individuals, and all ages. With the variety of carnival games, market shops and performers there isn’t a better way to end the year.

This year’s high turnout for the Manama Festival heralds the recovery of Bahrain’s tourism and commercial activities from the repercussions of the pandemic, and the Manama Festival is almost the only integrated event in Bahrain that lasts two weeks and includes a diverse and attractive program for all. The festival aims to achieve several goals, including creating an integrated entertainment atmosphere, encouraging internal tourism, and attracting more visitors from outside Bahrain.

The Manama Festival is hosted by TARTEEB Events & Marketing, a Bahraini firm that has been supporting innovation and entrepreneurship at the regional level and aims to fulfill the kingdom’s intended development goals by investing in youth energies.