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Bahrain the first to establish Ministry dedicated to Sustainable Development

June 27, 2022
finance & economy

Human development expert Mr. Nawaf Al Jishi stated that Bahrain is the first country in the world to establish a Ministry dedicated to “Sustainable Development”, which is a unique initiative that is expected to bring great benefits to Bahrain at the domestic, regional and international levels.

“There are several nations with Ministries of Sustainable Development and the Economy or Sustainable Development and the Environment, which restricts the principle of sustainable development to particular fields. Regarding the creation of a separate Ministry of Sustainable Development in Bahrain, it would serve to coordinate development initiatives across all sectors of the country. This decision links all development efforts in all its fields in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the UN’s sustainable development goals.” Mr. Al Jishi said.

Mr. Al Jishi emphasized the Ministry of Sustainable Development’s responsibility in coordinating between various government and business entities to implement all sustainable development initiatives. Including the Government’s Programs, the Economic Recovery Plan, and the ambitious initiatives that have developed from it. Adding that all national plans and programs are focused on accomplishing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which are the same as the United Nations.

“The Kingdom of Bahrain has made significant progress towards achieving the goals of sustainable development, particularly since Bahrain Vision 2030 has adopted three main pillars since its launch in 2008, the first of which is sustainability, justice and competitiveness, and has been keen from the start to be inspired by global trends in development.” According to Mr. Al Jishi.

Mr. Al Jishi specifically noted the UN Development Program’s most recent assessment on human development, which highlighted the Kingdom of Bahrain’s success in maintaining its position in the “Very High Human Development” category, which is based on factors such as average income, education, and health indicators, as well as an increase in per capita GDP for both males and females.

“It is imperative to include sustainable development into the broader planning process for all sectors, including health, education, and the environment; therefore, the formation of a Ministry of Sustainable Development will enhance Bahrain’s efforts to invest resources and activate energies to advance national prosperity. ” Mr. Al Jishi concluded.