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LG showcased its latest HVAC innovations in Bahrain-

January 23, 2023

LG Electronics (LG) demonstrated its latest Commercial and Residential HVAC solutions during a conference co-organized with BEMCO (Bahrain Electro Mechanical Services Co). The portfolio included industry-leading Oil-Free Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller, Air Cooled Screw Chiller, and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology Multi V 5.

At the conference, LG and BEMCO officially announced their partnership. The parties will work closely to provide customers in Bahrain with innovative solutions and proven technologies for energy-efficient, durable and effective HVAC systems. This partnership is a step toward LG’s goal of leading the HVAC industry in the region at the forefront of innovation.

“We are looking forward to sharing LG’s latest offerings and product innovations with our partner BEMCO. It is our pleasure to work with them hand in hand to provide our clients in Bahrain with the latest innovative solutions in the HVAC industry. Cooperating with the right infrastructure and understanding market requirements is an integral part of our business,” said Mr. Jae Won Yu, General Manager of LG Air Solution for the Gulf region.

At the conference, LG also showcased its advanced HVAC solutions, including:

Oil-Free Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller

This is a new solution to save energy with oil-free technology. The chiller, using a magnetic bearing and a high-speed direct driven system developed by LG’s technology, implements oil free technology.

LG own oil-free technology: The rotor is levitated by well-controlled electromagnetic force, which adjusts the distance between the rotor and the bearing surface with an electric signal from a precise proximity sensor based on LG mobile technology. The accurate sensors simultaneously locate the shaft and send a signal to the bearing controller to adjust the magnitude of the electromagnetic field, correcting any deviations or perturbation within mere microns. By using this in-house developed/assembled compressor, LG can reduce service lead-time and easily support customer on site.

Compact design: LG’s RCWFL magnetic chiller is designed for less installation space and compact size with a single large tonnage compressor and positive pressure refrigerant. It is suitable for small areas requiring both remodeling and new buildings, where minimizing the machine room can provide valuable extra space and construction cost savings.

Multi V™ 5

Since its introduction in 2006, Multi V generation has evolved to become one of the most efficient and reliable VRF Solutions in the world. The new 5th generation Multi V 5 continues the product’s leadership in technology and efficiency.

HiPOR™ Technology

HiPOR™ Technology enables the oil to return directly to the compressor instead of returning through the refrigerant suction pipe. This ensures that no energy is wasted when the oil flows between the separator and compressor, and therefore maximizes the reliability and efficiency of the compressor.

Auto Dust Removal

Multi V 5 Auto Dust Removal technology removes dust on the outdoor unit heat exchanger. The outdoor unit fan (s) rotates reversely to blow off the dust. Once the accumulated dust on the heat exchanger is removed, the fan (s) rotates normally, and the unit returns to normal operation. This feature enhances operational stability and protects from environmental constraints, which is unique in the Gulf region.