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E-commerce expansion in Bahrain supports the shift towards digital economy

February 9, 2020

Businessman Ahmed A. Al Hujairy said that the expansion of e-commerce in Bahrain supports national plans aimed at the transformation towards digital economy, and opens new business opportunities for Bahrainis, and encourages the launch of new Bahraini products and their sale in regional and international markets.

Al Hujairy, in a statement on the sidelines of the “First Bahrain E-commerce Summit” which was recently held under the auspices of The Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism His Excellency Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani, said that the economic recession in Bahrain is currently part of the global economic recession, but part of this recession is linked to the accelerating shift in business towards e-commerce.

Mr. Al Hujairy pointed out that the challenge that faces e-commerce expansion in Bahrain is the lack of many original Bahraini products or brands, in this regard he said “We have our own brands in Bahrain, such as Bahraini sweets and Marjoram water, but e-commerce privileges should encourage the launch of more Bahraini products and export to regional and global markets, and ultimately supporting (Made in Bahrain) slogan”

On the same level, Mr. Al Hujairy indicated that e-commerce opens great opportunities for Bahrainis of all segments of population to work in, including students, graduates, unemployed, employees, retirees, women, etc. Pointing out the qualitative opportunities this trade offers and its related business, such as payment and e-marketing among others.

Mr. Al Hujairy said in this context, “We undertook the responsibility in (Think Smart) Institute to train 500 Bahrainis in e-commerce in the year 2020 through the E-Commerce Academy, which we are proud of the success of our partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in its implementation”.

“We are working with the Ministry to continue to provide qualitative training And to raise the level of its outputs, and even help graduates to implement their projects in e-commerce, our aim is to qualify more Bahrainis in this vital field and to support plans for the transition to a knowledge economy depending on qualified and trained national cadres”.