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Successful candidates announced for the 6th intake of the FDPM Fellowship

October 5, 2020

The Office of the First Deputy Prime Minister (OFDPM) announced the names of fifteen successful candidates for the 6th intake of the FDPM Fellowship.

The candidates, who were selected following a rigorous evaluation process, are as follows:

1. Ahmed Rashed Alkawari – National Bureau for Revenue

2. Ameena Ahmed Yousif – Tamkeen

3. Anas Ayman Alarayedh – Tamkeen

4. Balqees Khaled Abdullatif – Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication

5. Jaafar Sami AlTajer – Electricity and Water Authority

6. Shaikh Khalifa bin Duaij Al-Khalifa – Ministry of Housing

7. Sara Yusuf AlHadi – Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism

8. Saud Abdulaziz Al BinAli – Ministry of Interior

9. Salman Abbas Alafoo – Tamkeen

10. Abdulaziz Basim Alhamer – Ministry of Interior

11. Ali Sami Bukhammas – Civil Service Bureau

12. Fatema Mohamed AbdulRedha – Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism

13. Fajer Yusuf Mohamed – Economic Development Board

14. Qasim Ahmed Albaqali – Bahrain Polytechnic

15. Yosra Mansoor Qadmi – National Bureau for Revenue

The Director-General of the OFDPM, HE Shaikh Fahad bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, congratulated the successful candidates of the 6th intake, highlighting that the prestigious programme reflects HRH the Crown Prince’s vision of investing in the Kingdom’s national cadre by developing their leadership skills, which will ultimately contribute to further enhancing government performance.

HE Sh. Fahad further highlighted that the high turnout of applicants for the Fellowship reflects the programmes continued success since its establishment to support young leaders serving in the public sector.

HE Sh. Fahad went on to praise the achievements of previous FDPM Fellowship intakes, noting their accomplishments in the programme, and wished the 6th intake success, urging them to take full advantage of the wide-ranging opportunities offered by the Fellowship.

The FDPM Fellowship is an ambitious year-long programme that refines and cultivates the skills and abilities of Bahraini nationals working in the public sector, enabling them to assist in the Kingdom’s further development by applying their innovative experiences when they return to their places of work.