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Smile Initiative provides 65 sick children with electronic devices

October 18, 2020

Smile Initiative, an initiative of Bahrain Future Society for Youth, announced that it delivered 65 electronic devices for the remote study of children with cancer in their homes in different regions of Bahrain, with the support of “GFH Financial Group”. This comes within the initiative keenness to provide psychosocial support to children with cancer and their parents in the Kingdom of Bahrain at the start of the new academic year.

Mr. Mohamed Al Sukkari, member of the Society’s board of directors and head of the initiative’s educational program “Abjad”, said that this was done to aid sick children to follow their educational and knowledge achievement in the new school year, and added that the use of sick children of these devices is not limited to the current period of social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic and imposed on all students to study remotely, but this use extends to include the entire period in which the child is forced to stay at home and study because of his illness and weak immunity.

“Smile initiative adopted precise and studied criteria in distributing these devices to eligible children. “We conducted a careful analysis of the list of children with cancer who fall under the umbrella of the initiative in various classrooms and selected the children who need these devices the most. We started with children who are undergoing treatment then those who have recovered from illness but are still under treatment, reaching to the most deserving children.” He said.

Al Sukkari noted the efforts of the volunteers of the “Smile” initiative in distributing these devices after wrapping them in an attractive way that increases the joy and pleasure of sick children, noting the initiative’s keenness to invest every effort to raise the morale of children and their families, especially in light of the conditions of home quarantine and the inability to bring children to the initiative headquarters and organize events and celebrations for them, as it used to be.

Al Sukkari concluded his statement by expressing his sincere thanks and appreciation to the “GFH Financial Group” that donated these devices to children with cancer patients through the “Smile” initiative, within the framework of the group’s social responsibility program, and said “This reflects GFH profound support to young children with cancer who are struggling to win their battle with this disease. Moreover, this generous gesture by the group will undoubtedly have an enormous impact on ensuring the continuity of education for the heroes of “Smile”, which has significant repercussions in improving the psychological state of these children and supporting their morale to confront cancer and cure from it, God willing.”