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Rich history of Crown Prince and Prime Minister in developing economy: Al Awadhi

December 24, 2020
islamic finance

Businessman Yaqoob Al Awadhi affirmed the significance of the royal great trust enjoyed by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and the Honorable Prime Minister in uniting various national efforts towards development in various fields, including the economic field, and activating all energies through His Highness’s vision to build the present and future of Bahrain and elevate the standards of well-being for all.

Al Awadhi said that the commercial community in the Kingdom of Bahrain is optimistic about the ability of His Highness the Crown Prince, the distinguished Prime Minister, to overcome the current challenges and restore economic growth rates, especially after His Highness was able efficiently to manage the crisis of Coronavirus pandemic, and to spare Bahrain the negative effects of the general lockdown, and keeping many basic sectors such as government work, health, and education working regularly.

“The long history of His Highness the Crown Prince and Prime Minister in the field of economic development through economic programs had an immense impact on the development of the national economy, including his support for entrepreneurs and emerging projects. Hopes are now resting on the ambitious programs of His Highness to improve the national economy, and promoting the standard of living of citizens and achieving prosperity for society.” He added

Al Awadhi, CEO of “NGN International,” a full-fledged systems integrator and IT consultant headquartered in Bahrain, affirmed Bahrainis’ confidence in the ability of His Highness the Crown Prince and Prime Minister to overcome the current challenges and transfer Bahrain to the ranks of developed countries in various fields, including accelerating the pace of the digital transformation, building a knowledge economy and localizing Modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, based on the successes achieved in similar fields, such as adopting fifth-generation communication technologies in cooperation with Huawei, activating the Bahrain Bay initiative for financial technology, applying cloud computing in most government sectors in cooperation with Amazon, and other successes.

Al Awadhi concluded: ‘His Highness the Crown Prince and Prime Minister enjoys the respect and admiration of all Bahraini people as a result of his belief in the ability of the loyal Bahraini citizen to contribute to the desired national development. His Highness is keen every year to visit various Ramadan Majlisis and communicate effectively with people, in addition to launching specific initiatives to empower young people, such as His Highness’s Program for the Development of National Cadres and International Scholarships Program. Moreover, His Highness is eager to develop government performance in response to citizens’ aspirations and listens to their complaints and suggestions through “Tawasul” program, and other qualitative programs.”