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NBB Group plans to set up data literacy academy

January 17, 2021

National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) is planning to set up a new data literate organisation later this year. The move comes as part of its digital transformation journey and its efforts to continuously increase efficiency across its operations.

The announcement was made at a virtual data literacy training webinar for all employees under the NBB Group umbrella.

The webinar, ‘17 Traits of Data Literacy’, presented by Ben Jones founder and CEO of Data Literacy, LLC, was part of NBB’s holistic approach that aligns with its overarching strategy to transform into a more digitally-reliant automated organisation.

The bank is working towards emphasising the importance of data literacy and the role it plays in increasing organisational efficiencies and upskilling the workforce, said a top official.

CEO Jean Christophe Durand said: 'This webinar is the first step on our path towards adopting an overall more digitally-reliant operational structure. The understanding, appropriate interpretation and use of data is crucial to any organization that aims to enhance efficiencies from within, and acts an important catalyst in the journey towards digital transformation.'

'The objective is to create and upskill a taskforce that is more capable, equipped and adaptable to handle the rapid shift towards a digital world, and drive positive change within the organisation to gain a significant competitive advantage,' stated Durand.

'In order for us to maintain our trajectory on this exciting journey, it is imperative that we recognise and develop the essential tools required to enhance our overall performance as a group, and as we move towards the establishment of a Data Literacy Academy within the upcoming year, we aim to spearhead the digitalisation movement within the Bank and the Kingdom,' he added.

NBB said the webinar enabled employees to recognise the different types of existing data, identify the varied mechanisms of data utilisation designed to enhance performance, and interpret the many types of visual data available to improve accuracy of statistical concepts and analyses, and worked to encourage the critical thinking skills required to identify career progression opportunities within the organisation.

Enrollment in the Data Literacy Academy will commence soon at NBB, said Durand, adding that employee selection will be based on a series of assessments culminating in the selection of the most viable employees to undergo the required data literacy training at the upcoming academy.

This Data Literacy Academy aims to create an environment conducive to enhancing the professional skills required to accurately read, analyse and utelise relevant organisational data in everyday operations, as part of NBB’s ongoing plans for growth and human talent development.


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