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Training institutes ready to support National Employment Program: Al Jishi

January 21, 2021
finance & economy

Mr. Nawaf Mohammed Al Jishi, Chairman of the Bahrain Society of the Private Training Institutes (BSPTI), affirmed the training institutes ’readiness to contribute to the implementation of the National Employment Program, which aims to create 25,000 jobs in 2021 and provide 10,000 training opportunities annually. His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister announced the launch of this program in its second edition, in a way that fulfills the aspirations of making Bahraini citizens the ideal choice for employment.

Al Jishi affirmed that the Society is fully prepared to discuss the role of training institutes in implementing this program with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the Labor Fund “Tamkeen” and other relevant authorities. He added that the training institutes are relying heavily on this program to restore their activity and lift them out of recession due to the suspension of government support for training after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to saving the training sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain as a whole.

“We value the initiatives of the National Employment Program in its second version. One of these initiatives is the allocation of Tamkeen to a budget of 120 million dinars for three years (2021-2023), which is double what has been allocated during the past five years to support the employment of Bahrainis through the wage subsidy program. But the sustainability of the job opportunity is related to the employee’s ability to be productive and to achieve the goals of the company or organization.” Al Jishi said.

“The wage subsidy program is very important to encourage the companies’ owners and institutions to employ Bahrainis as the government will bear part of their salaries for a specified period, but training and qualification alone guarantees the stability of the labor market and ensuring that companies and institutions keep their employees even after the end of the period of government support for their salaries.” He added.

The Society’s Chairman pointed out that the training institutes are always working to develop their programs and training courses to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market that have changed a lot and quickly in light of the pandemic, and to ensure building the skills and capabilities of trainees and increasing their ability to absorb new developments in the work environment at private-sector establishments and meet them as effectively as possible.

Al Jishi concluded by saying: “ The initiatives of the National Employment Program will provide stability to the labor market, and issuing more regulations of the labor market and reliance on Bahrainis in employment will benefit the training institutes that direct all their energies and capabilities towards training national cadres, in addition to increasing the employment of Bahrainis will contribute to strengthening Societal stability and accelerating rates of development, including economic development.


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