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BIA’s new Passenger Terminal control centres ready for operations

January 24, 2021

As part of preparations to transfer operations to Bahrain International Airport’s (BIA) new Passenger Terminal on January 28, Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications and Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) Chairman, Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, visited the site to assess the readiness of staff and key facilities, in the presence of several BAC officials.

The Minister commended the staff on their high level of preparedness and expressed his confidence in the Bahraini teams responsible for the management and operation of the facilities, which operate around the clock. He noted the high standards of construction at the Engineering Control Center, the Airport Operations Center, the Network Operations Center, the Baggage Operations Center, and the Fire Command Center. These facilities are equipped with advanced technology that will enhance the airport’s efficiency and enable staff to respond quickly and effectively to the requirements of passengers and other employees.

The Minister said: “The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications and BAC are proud that this important national development project was delivered by a Bahraini majority airport leadership team which includes hundreds of young Bahrainis working in the aviation sector. The new terminal represents the world-class capabilities of our local talent. Recruiting Bahraini professionals and developing their skills are pillars of BAC’s growth strategy.

Operating the new terminal’s advanced equipment and IT systems requires extensive expertise, and Bahraini team members have been highly trained within the Kingdom and abroad to work in these specialized disciplines. Having nationals in key operational roles demonstrates Bahrain’s advancements in aviation and the efficacy of the Tahleeq Program, a training and development initiative that equips participants with the skills needed by the Airport Modernization Program (AMP).”

With its highly skilled local workforce and distinctly Bahraini character, the new Passenger Terminal will spotlight the Kingdom’s advancements in aviation on a global scale. The Minister praised the steps made by BAC in developing the skills and capabilities of Bahrainis and preparing them for leadership positions in the aviation industry, which are among the most important objectives of the AMP, the government Action Plan, and Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030.

He thanked everyone involved in this national project for their dedication throughout the construction process and highlighted the importance of maintaining the momentum during the next phase.

BAC is committed to building the skills of Bahraini citizens and helping them reach their full potential. Currently, an impressive 86 percent of the company’s employees are drawn from the local labour market.

In line with BAC’s commitment to Bahrainization, additional departments have been created specifically for the new terminal.

For example, the new Baggage Handling Department and Airport Operation centers include Bahrainis tasked with providing quality operations services that comply with the highest levels of security and operational safety.


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