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British Airways announces move to the new terminal at Bahrain International Airport

January 31, 2021

British Airways has announced that all direct flights to and from Bahrain to London Heathrow will move to new state-of-the-art passenger terminal that was opened in Bahrain.

The new airport is four times larger than the existing facility, supported by high quality infrastructure and is equipped with latest technology and offers a world-class shopping experience of over 4,800 sqm of retail space to make travel more enjoyable. It is designed to facilitate travel of up to 14 million customers per year.

Sohail Ali, British Airways’ Senior Vice President, Middle East and Africa said: “We look forward to providing a safe and secured state-of-the-art flying experience for our customers travelling to and from Bahrain to London.

“The new airport promises to provide an outstanding customer experience and I am sure that it will play an important part in increasing the number of people we welcome at British Airways on flights between Bahrain, the UK and beyond.”

This expansion project of the terminal has been part of Bahrain’s Vision 2030 economic program.

  • Current schedule for January 2021 (all times in UTC)
Flt No. Freq Dept Arp Dept Time Arr Arp Arr Time Sub fleet
BA  0125 1..4.6. LHR 11:30 BAH 21:00 BA  787
BA  0124 .2..5.7 BAH 02:20 LHR 06:55 BA  787

  • Multiple sanitising stations have been installed at various touchpoints at the airport.
  • British Airways have implemented a range of measures onboard our flights to ensure the safety of our customers at every step of their journey
  • Safety is at the heart of British Airways’ business and the airline has introduced a range of protective measures on the ground and in the sky to keep its customers and crew safe.


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