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Compliance with the standards of social distancing urged to mitigate COVID-19

February 8, 2021

Director of the Health Ministry’s Public Health Department, Dr. Najat Abul Fateh, warned of the unfortunate consequences resulting from gatherings and the lack of compliance with the standards of social distancing, being one of the reasons that lead to an increase in COVID-19 caseload.

Dr. Abul Fateh indicated that during this crucial phase of dealing with the virus, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of infections. She noted that the contact tracing team has found out that most of these cases were the result of contact in family gatherings. She underscored the importance of adhering to all precautionary measures and the instructions of the National Taskforce to Combat the Coronavirus in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The Director of the Public Health Department said social solidarity is required with renewed determination by everyone to continue implementing the plans put in place to deal with the virus and support all efforts made in this aspect. She explained that the negligence in adhering to the precautionary and preventive measures reflects negatively on the overall efforts that have been made to protect all members of the community from the virus.

Dr. Abul Fateh stressed the need to avoid large family gatherings and contact with the elderly and people with underlying diseases, in particular, in order to protect them from the risks and complications of the virus. She pointing out the recording of large number of infections within the same family as a result of the lack of commitment and contact in large family gatherings. She added the virus was transmitted through a series of multiple contacts, which required to bring some of those who contracted it to an isolation and treatment center to receive the necessary care.

She underlined the need for all members of the Bahraini community to fully commit to all instructions and precautionary measures, including wearing masks within the same family in the same house when mixing with people with chronic diseases and those who are more vulnerable to infection with the virus. She pointed out the importance to continue adhering to the standards of social distancing, sanitize surfaces, sterilize and wash hands constantly, and call 444 when any symptoms of the virus appear.

The Director of the Public Health Department urged to assume national responsibility, a basic social requirement now, to contribute to reducing cases and curb the spread of the virus. She also called to register for vaccination, being an effective way to keep diseases at bay.


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