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Sustainable Energy Authority, Standard Chartered Bank discuss cooperation

February 23, 2021
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Manama, Feb. 22 (BNA): President of the Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA), Dr. Abdulhussain bin Ali Mirza, today held a remote meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank-Bahrain, Abdulla Abdulrazaq Bukhowa, with the participation of a number of officials and experts from the sides.

Dr. Mirza lauded the key role played by Standard Chartered Bank to develop the banking sector in Bahrain, and support various economic activities.

He gave a video presentation in which he highlighted SEA’s achievements in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency, in addition to its planned initiatives and projects in 2021 in order to achieve the national goals approved by the government in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector.

SEA President discussed the possibility of issuing green bonds and launching financial solutions and stimuli to encourage investments in renewable energy projects, noting that financial institutions and banks play a pivotal role in supporting development plans and efforts to enhance the sustainable energy sector, as well as encouraging investments in it.

Abdulla Abdulrazaq Bukhowa lauded the strides made by the Sustainable Energy Authority to achieve the national renewable energy and energy efficiency goals.

He reviewed the goals and visions put forward by the Standard Chartered Bank’s management to support sustainable development efforts globally, especially regarding the empowerment and financing of the renewable energy sector, in addition to the activation of the sustainability concepts in all banking transactions and encouraging investment in them.

Bukhowa affirmed the bank’s commitment to cooperating with the Sustainable Energy Authority to achieve their public interests, as the best means to achieve the national goals related to renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as on everything that would speed up shifting towards clean and sustainable energy in order to keep pace with the global developments in this regard, and ensure a sustainable future.


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