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Bahrain ministry launches housing eServices on national portal

March 3, 2021
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Bahrain's Ministry of Housing has announced that it has launched new housing eServices on the national portal (bahrain.bh) in collaboration with Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) offering customers a host of services.

Launched by the Minister of Housing, Engineer Basim bin Yacob Al Hamar, the e-services available on the portal include: ‘Apply for Housing Request’, ‘Request Status Enquiry’, ‘Update Contact Details and IBAN’, ‘Apply for Mazaya Request’, and ‘Apply for Loan Request’.

iGA Deputy CE of eTransformation, Dr Zakareya Ahmed AlKhajah lauded the minister for his focus on digital transformation and the deployment of advanced technologies to improve the ministry’s services.

He also commended the specialist teams at the ministry for their hard work in supporting the launch of the latest batch of eServices, which is part of the first phase of its digital transformation plan.

AlKhajah said that the commitment shown by the ministry’s specialist teams supports the iGA’s strategy and goals, which centre on the digital transformation of government services using different electronic channels.

'Citizens who meet eligibility criteria can avail of the eServices via the National Portal, bahrain.bh. The services can also be accessed via the ministry’s official website, housing.gov.bh which redirects to the National Portal,' he added.

Assistant Undersecretary for Policies & Housing Services at the ministry Dr Khalid Al Haidan said that the ‘Apply for Housing Request’ service allows citizens to submit their applications for new housing units or allocations of land by the ministry so individual can build their own units at their expense after receiving the land.

It also allows Bahrainis (aged between 21 and 50) to request ownership of apartments in ministry’s housing projects.

These requests can be availed of by several types of individuals under different categories. The Category 1 is for husbands, wives, and children; Category 2 covers parents living with one or more Bahraini sons who are minors, and Bahraini wives of expatriates who have one Bahraini national son who is a minor, and Category 3 consisting of sons who are single, 21 years of age, and living with one or both of their Bahraini parents.

The ‘Request Status Enquiry’ service gives customers the latest updates on their applications, while the ‘Update Contact and IBAN bank Details’ is available for those who have already submitted housing requests.

Al Haidan pointed out that the ‘Apply for Mazaya Request’ service allows citizens to avail social housing financing scheme, ‘Mazaya’, which secures bank financing for beneficiaries in exchange for 25% of their monthly income as installments.

'The government, through the ministry, takes care of the remaining financial support covering the rest of the monthly bank installments. Applicants must be Bahraini and between 21 and 35 years of age at the time of submission,' explained Al Haidan.

The ‘Apply for Loan Request’ service allows citizens to request one of several types of financings offered by the ministry, including purchase of housing units or apartments, construction for landowners, and reconstruction, he added.