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Bahraini youth should turn towards digital projects not traditional jobs: Al Awadhi

March 3, 2021
finance & economy

Information technology expert Yaqoob Al Awadhi stressed the importance of directing Bahraini youth towards businesses and projects that keep pace with “Industry 4.0” based on employing modern technologies such as AI, cloud computing, the Internet of things, robotics, 3D printing, and others, in providing products and services, instead of just seeking to provide many job opportunities regardless of their quality.

Al Awadhi noted the efforts of the government to provide 25,000 job opportunities for Bahraini youth through “National Employment Program 2.0”, indicating that there could be selectivity in supporting these jobs by providing greater support to companies that employ Bahrainis in the sectors targeted for growth in Bahrain, which are financial services, ICT, tourism, logistics, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries.

Al Awadhi pointed to the importance of sustaining the job opportunity enjoyed by the young Bahraini after the end of the government support for his salary and said that this depends on his commitment to work, productivity, and his ability to achieve the goals of the institution, considering that the institutions and companies operating in the technical and digital sector are the most capable of growth, expansion and job creation. He added that there are qualitative specializations with remunerative salaries that are needed by major companies, such as “data analyst”, but unfortunately the number of qualified national talent to fill these jobs is rare or very limited.

Al Awadhi, CEO of “NGN International”, a full-fledged systems integrator and IT consultant headquartered in Bahrain, said: “it’s very important to encourage Bahraini youth to innovate and establish digital projects, including online service platforms and mobile phone apps, in addition to software related to diverse information systems, and enter specific areas such as Cybersecurity. We see that the largest companies around the world are no longer factories or services, but rather information technology companies, most of which were launched from a simple technology idea”

“We are monitoring ambitious technical projects for Bahraini youth related to providing platforms for education or training remotely or providing reservations for stadiums or e-marketing, and we believe that these projects need more support to be able to develop quickly, and to be a success that motivates more young people to launch similar projects that contribute in the march of digital transformation in Bahrain and the real development of the national economy.” Al Awadhi concluded.