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Gifted Students programme to organise virtual training course on medical statistics science

March 3, 2021

As part of its constant keenness on encouraging innovation and excellence, the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), through its Gifted Students Programme at the College of Medicine and Medical Science (CMMS), is organising a virtual training course on Medical Statistics Science for students enrolled in the 2020-2021 batch of programme, in cooperation with Stanford University in the US.

On the occasion, Assistant Professor at CMMS and Member of the Team Supervising the Programme Dr Aseel Al Saleh said: “Statistics science is one of the main pillars that develop the skills of gifted students in conducting scientific research. Statistical methods have enabled us to answer some of the most urgent questions facing humanity. In medicine, the ability to ask correct research questions and interpret data is an essential skill, as the course will use cases from life extracted from medical databases or published in the media to present statistical concepts and techniques commonly used in medical research.”

Dr Al Saleh also explained that the course will include three stages and participants will receive a certificate of medical statistics from Stanford University, an equivalent to six training hours in Continuing Medical Education (CME).

The first stage of the course is titled “Medical Statistics 1 – An Introduction to Data Analysis and Descriptive Statistics”. This stage will cover the foundations of data analysis and descriptive statistics, data visualisation, study design, and measures of disease frequency and association.

As for the second stage, comes under the title “Medical Statistics 2 – Probability and Inference”, and it will tackle a number of topics, such as statistical inference, measuring validity and reliability in statistical research, and standard error.

The third and final stage of the course is titled “Medical Statistics 3 – Common Statistical Tests in Medical Research”, and highlights preparing graphs, clarifying contradictory or interrelated relations in the research elements, building and testing hypotheses models, and analysing the final results of statistical research.

It’s noteworthy that the programme is the first of its kind in the region, and is considered as one of the excellent programmes globally, in terms of detection and care for gifted students in medical schools through an integrated programme that includes advanced specialised courses in medical science and scientific research, in addition to scientific trips, summer programmes and participation in international conferences.

The programme aims at graduating students who are well-versed in scientific research skills by publishing no less than three research papers as principal researchers in international scientific journals, in cooperation with experts in the field of medical science. Students who pass the programme will receive a certificate approved by AGU and one of the global research centres.

The first batch of students who enrolled in the programme are currently working on research they have commenced last year, addressing topics such as studying the effects of caffeine treatment on the metabolic cardiac markers of people with metabolic syndrome, and the amount of fat and carbohydrate consumption in determining the risk of insulin resistance among other topics.