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Education Ministry stresses completion of preparations for online learning

October 11, 2020

Manama, Oct. 10 (BNA): The Ministry of Education affirmed that it has completed preparations for the commencement of online learning during the first two weeks of the new academic year, starting from Sunday, October 11. It pointed out that all schools have communicated with parents, sent the timetables for their children, clarified the methods used in studying and provided other instructions and guidelines.

In this context, Assistant Undersecretary for General and Technical Education, Latifa Al-Bunoudha, explained that education during the first two weeks will focus on implementing virtual classes using the Teams programme and the ministry’s educational portal. She added sessions in the timetables were distributed basically on both means. She also noted that all links and instructions that help students activate their accounts in the virtual classes and the educational portal were sent to them, in addition to explaining how to obtain digital technical support.

Al-Bunoudha added that the dates for broadcasting the televised lessons, which were filmed in cooperation with the Ministry of Information Affairs, would also be announced, taking into account the conditions of students and their parents. She also pointed out that those lessons will also be made available through the ministry's YouTube channels. She noted that they are divided according to the educational terms, in addition to a channel for both special and technical education.

Al-Bunoudha asserted that out of keenness to keep in touch with all and answer queries, the general and technical education sector has allocated numbers available daily to the public, from 8 a.m to 1 p.m.

The numbers are:


- 17873150

- 17873095