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BMS: Aspiring to new law of practicing human medicine and dentistry

October 12, 2020

The Bahrain Medical Society has expressed its aspiration to implement soon the new proposal for a law on practicing human medicine and dentistry, after the society worked for nearly a year to formulate it and submit it to the Supreme Council of Health in the hope that it will be passed to the parliament shortly, to replace the current law issued in The year 1989.

The Chairman of Bahrain Medical Society Dr. Ghada Al Qassim, affirmed the society’s willingness to discuss this law with the parliament in preparation for its promulgation by the esteemed government, thus contributing to developing the legislative structure for the health sector, achieving greater regulation for it, and providing a legal environment that meets the successive developments in the medical field.

“The Bahrain Medical Society had assembled a special committee headed by me, with the participation of experienced doctors , to draft a completely new law for practicing the profession of human medicine and dentistry in September 2018, and many meetings were held over a year-long period and finally concluded with an integrated development to improve this law is in line with the scientific and professional developments that have occurred over the past decades without contradiction to the Islamic religion. This was guided by as similar relevant active laws in the Gulf Cooperation Council and Arab countries. The committee held meetings with legal advisors and experts to ensure that all articles and paragraphs of the law proposed by the society is drafted in the proper legal manner, and is consistent with the constitution and laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain.” Dr. Al Qassim explained.

the Chairman of Bahrain Medical Society emphasized the significance of the support that the “Medical Profession Law Committee” had received from the President of the Supreme Council of Health, expressing her thanks to His Excellency for the support and interest he provided for the work of the Medical Society and the health and medical sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. “The Society submitted the results of the entire work of the law of practicing the profession of dentistry and human medicine to His Excellency the President of the Supreme Council of Health. Afterwards, several discussions were held with the National Health Regularity Authority headed by HE Dr. Mariam Al Jalahma, to reach the final form of the law, and then it was expected to be passed to the MPs quickly. Due to the unprecedented conditions that the Covid-19 pandemic imposed on the health sector in particular the proposed law was delayed, but we believe it will be implemented soon.” Dr. Al Qassim concluded.

The amendments performed by the medical society over the past months include adding some articles to the “Law on the Practice of the Human Medicine and Dental Professions, and deleting others, in addition to a reformulation, explanation, and clarification for other articles. One of the most critical articles subjected by the new law is the articles concerning the new challenges of modern medical practices to cope with future health plans in the Kingdom of Bahrain and how to deal with medical errors to ensure the rights of both patients and doctors. This is in addition to defining the responsibilities and duties of doctors, alternative penalties, in addition to materials related to abortion, CPR, and others.