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Two AGU Academics author a book on Nanomedicine

October 17, 2020

Two academics from the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) participated in composing the recently published book by ELSIVER Publishing House, which is one of the most important publishers in the world specialising in science and medicine.

The book, entitled (Theories and Applications in Non-Intravenous Nanomedical Treatments) was co-authored by three academics, namely Dr Khaled Gerish and Dr Sebastien Taurin from AGU, along with Dr Prashant Kesharwani, a researcher and academic from Jamia Hamdard University in New Delhi, India. Other contributes have also participated in writing the book too.

The book discusses the results of scientific theoretical and applied research on the efficiency of nanomedicine in treatment with different methods other than the intravenous injection. It focuses on the effectiveness and safety of these technologies, and the developed drugs through nanotechnology techniques. It’s worth noting that nanotechnology is considered one of the modern medical technologies that are being studied and developed as safe transmitters directed to treatments contributing to control the incurable diseases accurately and effectively, to avoid the side effects of drug doses.

Dr Khaled said that this book aims to introduce clinical researchers, postgraduate students, medical sector workers, and the pharmaceutical sector to non-intravenous nano-therapies through clinical scientific experiments to show the strengths and research paths as well as the achieved progress in this sector.

Also, the book contains many chapters addressing the challenges facing non-intravenous nano therapy, the advanced disciplines in nano treatments such as eyes, the brain, treatment of enteritis, vaginal drugs, and reproductive biology. In addition to the use of nanomedical technologies in wound healing, pain management and insulin delivery. On the other hand, the book discusses the regulatory pathway for launching an international nanomedicine product to the market. It’s worth citing that Dr Gerish works as a professor in the Molecular Medicine Department at the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences at AGU and supervises the nano research unit at Princess Al Jawhara Al Ibrahim Centre.

Before that, he worked at the University of Otago, New Zealand, and Utah, USA. He has many research papers on drugs targeted to treat cancer, and nanomedicine. He was awarded the Postdoctoral Achievement Award from the Controlled Release Society (CRS) 2008.

Before joining the Molecular Medicine Department at AGU, Dr Taurin conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Chicago in the United States of America, then joined the academic staff at the University of Utah in the United States of America followed by the University of Otago in New Zealand. His research interest is in the study of carcinomas.