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BTECH General Assembly elects the new Board

April 8, 2021

Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) has announced re-forming of its board of directors for the next two years chaired by Mr. Ubaydli Ubaydli representing Atyaf Holdings Co, Mr. Tareq Fakhroo, as Vice Chairman, representing Fakhroo Information Technology Services, Mr. Rashid Al Snan as Secretary, representing Etisalcom Bahrain, and Mr. Rashid Mohamed as Secretary-General representing Batelco. While appointing Mr. Feras Ahmed representing Silah Gulf, Mr. SM Hussaini representing Al Moayyed Computer, and Mr. Mirza Asrar representing CTM360 as Administrative Members.

BTECH Society held its general assembly remotely, during which the narratives and financial reports were reviewed and approved, also the overall activities of the Society during the past two years were evaluated, in addition to discussing the Society’s directions and plans aiming to promote performance.

Mr. Ubaydli Ubaydli, Chairman of the Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH), extended his thanks and appreciation to the members of the Society and board members for their trust in him as a chairman for two years to come, affirming his satisfaction with the Society’s performance and achievements during the past years. He also stressed that “BTECH” plans to extend its scope of work to include the rapid developments in the ICT sector to keep pace with the significant shifts in business performance, economy, and public life due to the COVID-19 pandemic especially the surge in digital transformation.

“BTECH board is fully aware of the tasks entrusted to it, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the vast potentials of the ICT sector in an unprecedented way. This sector witnessed an exceptional boom with the transformation of most businesses and educational institutions across the globe to work remotely, in addition to the development of other sectors such as FinTech services, gaming industry, and entertainment, among others” Mr. Ubaidly said.

He stated that the Society will accelerate the pace of its work in implementing innovative programs that highlight the potential of ICT in shaping the digital economy and promoting Industry 4.0, aiming to make it a powerful tool capable of accelerating the achievement of the UN’s sustainable development goals, in addition to establishing its position as a platform to promote the exchange of ICT solutions in Bahrain and the region.

Mr. Ubaydli concluded: “Bahrain Technology Companies Society is moving forward in accomplishing its objectives based on contributing to preparing legislation, planning policies and strategies related to the ICT sector, improving the sector’s performance, and developing services and products provided by its companies. Moreover, the Society will provide advice to ICT companies operating in Bahrain and build fruitful cooperation relationships between them and similar Arab and international societies besides education and training institutions working in the same sector.”

It is noteworthy that the Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) is a specialized non-profit Society, established in 2012 to keep pace with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s endeavor to develop the efficiency of its national economy and strengthen its position in the ICT markets. BTECH has been working since its inception to promote the position of ICT companies in the Bahraini market to reach the deserved position in the regional and international markets.