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Maltese Foreign Minister praises Bahrain's development-

April 12, 2021
finance & economy

Manama, Apr. 11 (BNA): Maltese Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Evarist Bartolo, underlined deep-rooted relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Malta, praising development in Bahrain in many areas.

In a statement to Bahrain News Agency (BNA), the Maltese minister lauded the kingdom’s capabilities and development march, describing it as a strategic partner for anyone who aspires for growth.

Regarding the goals of his visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Bartolo said his visit aims to boost diplomatic relations between both countries and get informed about the progress made during the coronavirus pandemic which has cast its shadow on the government’s performance in all countries. He pointed out his meetings with many officials from the tourism, cultural and educational sectors in the kingdom. He emphasized Malta’s good relations with many countries in the Gulf region, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait, asserting keenness to get updated on the latest developments.

Concerning cooperation between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Malta, the Maltese Minister of Foreign and European Affairs stressed continuous bilateral cooperation in many fields, including education, security, human resources, healthcare and food security. “We learned many lessons during the pandemic on the importance of food security,” he said, pointing out fish farming on land in Malta, a technology that is different from fish farming in the sea.

The Maltese minister pointed out other issues of common interest like openness on diverse markets. He commended Bahrain’s success in investing in culture, history and civilization. He noted that Bahrain and Malta have similar points, stressing the need to avail of successful experiences. He pointed out issues of top priority to both countries like fighting organised crimes, money laundering and terrorism. He stressed that his visit to Bahrain is within the framework of cooperation with the countries in the region.