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Boosting contribution of those with special needs in national development is essential: Al Jishi

April 14, 2021
finance & economy

Human development expert Mr. Nawaf Al Jishi stated that the inclusion of people with special needs in the labor market contributes to developing them to support their families and boosting rates of economic development.

“It’s essential to change the stereotype of people with disabilities that they cannot be productive individuals in society, as they constitute a significant element in the human capital of any country, especially since WHO indicates that approximately 15% of the world’s population has a mild, moderate or severe disability,” Al Jishi said.

This was discussed during Al Jishi participation in a conference organized by “The Friendship Society for the Blind” within the framework of the 5th annual conference of the Arab Union of the Blind (ARUB).

Al Jishi stated that efforts to support this segment of society should not be limited to provide job opportunities for them or support their rehabilitation centers, but rather to activate their contribution through training and rehabilitation, then directing them towards the field of production that suits them.

During his participation in the conference, which carried the slogan “People with visual impairment between rehabilitation and employment,” Al Jishi stressed the significance of providing specialized training courses for people with special needs to unleash their abilities and enhance their positive outlook on life and work.

“The extraordinary achievements in the fields of literature, art, and many others are achieved by blind people which demonstrate the ability of this segment to give and contribute to the development of the society if the appropriate conditions are provided for them” Al Jishi added.

In his lecture, Al Jishi focused on the concept of strategic planning that everyone must have, including those with special needs, to develop their conditions and systematically build their future, explaining that strategic planning is a long-term process that takes into account all external and internal variables, and identifies all target sectors.

For his part, Mr. Hussain Al Hulaibi, Chairman of the Friendship Society for the Blind, affirmed the Bahraini fruitful participation in The Arab Union of the Blind (ARUB) Conference, stressing the importance of this conference is soliciting opinions and experiences to chart a better future for the blind in Bahrain and GCC states.