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Homiez incorporates Hybrid roles within their organization and discusses them in the latest Hybrid Cloud Middle East Digital conference

May 6, 2021

Taking place on the 26th of April, the 2nd Hybrid Cloud Middle East Digi-Conference focused on the importance of accelerating your digital transformation journey this time around, Hybrid Cloud has been taking the tactful steps in impacting roles through changing IT infrastructures, shaping technology within firms, as well as shedding light on the importance of emerging technologies in the past few years.

Speaking in the Digi-conference, Sadiq Abdul Rasool, Chief Digital Officer of Homiez.me, discussed how incorporating the hybrid role within the business was one that helped resolve and lifts the digital presence of over 350 different vendors that are based in Bahrain.

Recently, Homiez has also introduced HaaS (Homiez As A Service), as part of their Decoupled Technology Stack policy. Allowing vendors to create a full-pledge experience and allow them to have their custom and tailored stores, the introduction of this service has deemed as one that has benefited numerous since its launch.

As the policy continues to grow and accommodate more vendors, the most challenging issue that has risen from the tailored stores was the ‘Cost Control” – where partners continue to demand world-class services without the goodwill of bearing the running costs.

Despite the difficulties, Homiez understands the different IT infrastructure and the need to shape the decoupled technology within the firm to continuously be successful. Being recognised for this amongst other giant e-commerce platforms in the Gulf was not only an honour to the organization but also an achievement after the hardships that were endured in the past year.

Many various small enterprises which were participating in the Digi-conference were also praised by competing institutions for their pioneering roles. Setting a great example for larger companies, participants were impressed by the business models presented, even suggesting that larger companies should take advantage of the insights shared during the constructive panel sessions.