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Peninsula Instruments debuts exceptional collection of luxury Watches

June 13, 2021

Peninsula Instruments, a new local brand specializing in designing luxury watches manufactured in Switzerland with the highest quality standards, announced the debut of its collection consisting of luxury diver watches as part of a one-of-a-kind lineup. The new collection aims to add modern sophistication and luxurious appearance to wearers, while offering competitive prices.

Peninsula Instruments’ watches are made using the latest Swiss technology and are manufactured with the highest level of professionalism and exceptional functional features, making it the optimal choice for modern elegance and function. The watches are made from stainless steel and characterized by their scratch-resistant ceramic bezel and anti-reflective rubies. Moreover, the watches are water-resistant and can withstand pressures of up to 600 meters.

The attention to detail in the design process of this unique collection has resulted in the highest level of quality and reliability, equipping the watches with a fast-moving mechanical feature popular in Swiss watches, ensuring accuracy in timing. Peninsula watches have also been manufactured to show both local timing as well as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The company aspires to gradually move its production house to the Kingdom of Bahrain in the next three years, while maintaining its opulence, especially in light of the recent national initiatives to support emerging industries aiming to contribute to the national economy, provided by Tamkeen, Bahrain Development Bank, and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism’s “Made in Bahrain” initiative. In addition, the Central Bank of Bahrain is intending to issue a directive on the financing of SMEs, emphasizing the attractive environment for investment and innovation in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

During this week, Peninsula Instruments has also announced the launch of its website www.peninsulainstruments.com, and its Instagram account @peninsulainstruments, which will showcase the full collection on its digital shop, offering express delivery services to customers across the globe.