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GAA to provide Heavy Vehicle Simulator Training

June 29, 2021

The Gulf Aviation Academy (GAA), Bahrain-based high-quality aviation and logistics training institution, has announced the launch of an advanced heavy vehicle simulation service, making it the first and sole provider of such service in the Kingdom.

The service comes within GAA’s tireless efforts to maintain its position in the forefront of specialised institutions providing high-quality training services in the Middle East and North Africa region, and beyond.

The new heavy vehicle simulation technology is developed by the Spain-based virtual reality solutions pioneer Simumak, with which GAA has recently signed a partnership agreement to roll out this service for the first time in Bahrain, aiming to contribute to the Kingdom’s comprehensive development process by introducing the latest training technologies that are in line with the highest international standards.

The deal was signed between Simumak and GAA’s Masaraat; the Academy’s sub-brand that oversees all the non-aviation programmes, and it stipulates the provision of special simulation devices that assist in training drivers in Bahrain and qualifying them to become heavy vehicle drivers (trucks, buses, tankers, trailer trucks etc.).

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Simumak to launch this advanced training technology for the first time in Bahrain,”GAA CEO Captain Dhaffer Al Abbasi said.

“This announcement comes as part of GAA’s constant strives to provide the best training solutions in various fields, such as air traffic control, ground training, maritime, lifesaving and much more.”

“The Academy is planning to further expand this partnership with Simumak, through Masaraat, and provide more varieties of devices such as car, bike and other logistics’ training devices catering to an even wider spectrum of industries. This will certainly make Masaraat the premier provider of simulation training in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and attract various establishments that seek providing their heavy vehicle drivers with reliable and high-quality training,” he added.

“This is a delightful occasion to announce our partnership with a reputed training institution such as GAA and to introduce our simulators for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain,”Simumak CEO and founder Mr. David Moran said.

“These advanced simulators include several heavy vehicle options to ensure delivering the best training results. It also cover different technical sides, such as the distribution of the centre of the mass of the load, impact on the dynamics by wind shielding, different weather conditions that affect both the visibility and the grip and behaviour of the vehicle, different types of gearboxes (manual, automatics, non-synchronized) and more.”

The Masaraat brand under GAA will be the operator of the device, which will be placed at Alsaeed and Alsayed Driving Training, the Kingdom’s premier School for Heavy Vehicles.

GAA is dedicated to supplying world-class training programs tailored to meet the needs of personnel working within all aspects of the aviation industry from pilots and cabin crew to air traffic controllers and engineers, as well as other related sectors.