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The BIBF announces the launch of its specalised Podcast Series

July 14, 2021

The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF), announced the launch of its specialised Podcast Series: The BIBF Podcast, which sheds light on various banking, finance, digital and academic topics, in addition to interviews with Alumni and experts.

In line with the BIBF’s commitment to curating comprehensive, relevant conversations, the podcasts feature insights into different ideas, topics, interviews with a pertinent roster of BIBF specialists, successful Alumni.

The podcast features a diversity of subject areas and topics such as “Open Banking Explained”, “Challenges of ESG Reporting and Disclosure”, in addition to “Islamic Finance Products” and “Project Management is for Everyone” just to name a few.

The podcast series also features Alumni from a diverse range of backgrounds, spanning across various sectors, career fields and interests to discuss their experiences at the BIBF, the workplace and life after graduation.

The BIBF Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Amal AlSorani said, “Having curated information and expertise over the past 40 years, since its establishment, the BIBF continues to be a beacon of knowledge and proficiency, and brings forth trending topics of concern to help with advancing the journey of knowledge.”

She also added, “The BIBF Podcast series will be an abundant forum for interviews, opinion pieces, conversations, and other valuable content, I’m thrilled to launch this major new initiative, which promises to grow opportunities for vital education, training sessions and discourse.”

The BIBF Podcast is available to stream and download on SoundCloud, and will be also be hosted on the official BIBF website http://www.bibf.com/podcasts

Written transcripts will also be available for all episodes and posted on the BIBF website.