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Gulf Air extends IATA Travel Pass trial to more destinations

August 15, 2021

Bahrain's national carrier Gulf Air has announced that starting from today (August 14) it has extended the IATA Travel Pass trial to more routes in its network including Dubai, Frankfurt and Paris.

The airline had in May begun the initial kick-off on flights to Athens, London and Singapore.

Gulf Air said another milestone will be added to the extended list of destinations in which passengers with non-biometric passports on both iOS and Android devices will be able to take part in the trial to simplify and manage travel requirements amid the pandemic and enhance the overall travel experience.

Passengers flying to Athens, Dubai, Frankfurt, London, Paris and Singapore will be able to trial the app which helps passengers easily and securely manage their travel in line with any government requirements for Covid-19 testing or vaccine information.

Gulf Air pointed out that passengers will be able to create a ‘digital passport’ allowing them to match their travel itineraries with the Covid-19 health requirements of their destination country, and validate compliance.

Bahrain is one of the first governments to participate in a trial of the IATA Travel Pass with its national carrier to help pave the way for the re-establishment of global connectivity while managing the risks of the pandemic.

Acting CEO Captain Waleed AlAlawi said: 'We’re on the right track with our IATA Travel Pass trials and now we’ve added 3 more popular routes to be part of the trial. Our passengers can now participate when flying to Dubai, Frankfurt or Paris, even when using non-biometric passports.'

'We will keep adding more routes to the list to make it more convenient to our passengers and give them the opportunity to make use of the perks that come with it,' he added.

Gul Air said those flying from Bahrain can conduct the tests required for their final destination at the selected IATA authorized labs to securely send the test results to passengers via the app. These are American Mission Hospital; Bahrain Specialist Hospital; Royal Bahrain Hospital and Royal Hospital for Women and Children.

Passengers flying directly from Bahrain to Athens, Dubai, Frankfurt, London, Paris and Singapore will be notified with instructions on how to sign up to be part of the trial and instructions on how to contact the labs to schedule their tests, explained Al Alawi.

'Economy class passengers will receive access to the Gulf Air Falcon Gold check-in area and Falcon Gold Lounge at Bahrain International Airport while passengers in Falcon Gold cabin will receive free WiFi on board their flights (when available) as a token of appreciation for their participation,' he added..