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5,000 visitors to “Smile” booth at City Center

September 20, 2021
finance & economy

The “Smile” initiative booth at the City Center complex received more than five thousand visitors from the complex’s visitors. Over the course of three days, volunteers from the initiative worked from ten a.m. to ten p.m. to greet visitors to the pavilion and provide information about the initiative and its efforts to raise awareness of childhood cancer, particularly during September, which is global disease awareness month.

“Smile” stated that over 5,000 children’s cancer awareness flyers were handed to pavilion visitors, with around 500 of them taking the initiative to purchase the golden ribbon, which represents sympathy and support for children with cancer. The revenues from this year’s ribbon sales will go to the Salmaniya Hospital’s Unit Abdullah Kanoo.

The “Smile” initiative plans to have a similar pavilion at Manama’s Avenues Mall from Thursday to Saturday, for the same purpose, with volunteers to educate the complex’s visitors about childhood cancer and gaining their support and, as well as distributing flyers and brochures and selling the golden ribbon for those interested.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Future Society, to which the “Smile” initiative is affiliated, Mr. Sabah Al Zayani, said that the large turnout at the Smile Initiative booth in the City Centre proves once again the great support and sympathy of the people Bahrain, both citizens, and residents, with the heroic children fighting Cancer, pointing out that this turnout sends a civilized message to the rest of the world, which is now commemorating Children’s Cancer Awareness Month, about the extent of Bahraini society’s compassion and solidarity.

“I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the smile initiative volunteers who were able to represent the initiative and interact with the visitors of the booth in the City Center to the fullest, and also to all visitors and supporters of our cause. I am optimistic that the booth expected to be launched this weekend in the Avenues mall will achieve a great resonance for everyone.” Al Zayani said. Al Zayani explained that the organization of this booth comes within the framework of the activities of the “Kids R Golden 8” campaign, which was launched by the “Smile” initiative in early September and aims to raise awareness of childhood cancer among different segments of society.