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Manama Montessori launches training course for Bahraini competencies

September 26, 2021

The “Manama Montessori” Center, the first of its kind in Bahrain and the Middle East, has encouraged Bahraini competencies to enroll in a training course, the first of its kind in the Middle East, aimed at developing their career path and obtaining work prospects with attractive salaries. They will receive a diploma at the end of the course that will allow them to work in original “Montessori” environments and start successful educational projects based on the Montessori curriculum.

Mrs. Thana Jaberi, the center’s director, stated that this training course is the first outcome of the “Manama Montessori Center’s” mission to prepare Bahraini cadres, provide them with academic and practical training, and qualify them to contribute to the development of education within the Kingdom 2030 vision.

“The launch of this training course marks the culmination of our work over the past three years in establishing the Manama Montessori Center as the Middle East’s first of its type. We are hopeful about Bahraini competencies desire to enroll in these courses and take advantage of the high-quality prospects they provide, such as upgrading their professional and financial status and gaining gratifying quality development opportunities.” Mrs. Jabri added.

Mrs. Jabri explained that international trainers from the prestigious Association Montessori International (AMI) will lecture in this nine-month training course, at the conclusion of which the graduate will receive an AMI-accredited diploma, allowing them to continue their studies for a master’s degree at prestigious universities around the world. They will also have the option to receive practical training at authorized Montessori schools across the world, which will prepare Bahraini applicants to work as managers, administrators, consultants, or teacher trainers. She further mentioned that the course is partially funded by the Labor Fund “Tamkeen,” with the Bahrain Development Bank providing participants with a long-term educational loan.

It’s noteworthy that Manama Montessori Training Centre was launched with the support of several Bahraini parties, including the Economic Development Board, the Labor Fund “Tamkeen”, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, and is affiliated to Montessori education world’s leading body, Association Montessori International (AMI).