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Breast cancer awareness campaign on national scale: Alwane

October 4, 2021

Under the slogan “Alwane..Pink,” the color that symbolizes breast cancer, the Alwane Bahrain Society launched a national campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer and emphasize the importance of early screening. The campaign will run for the entire month of October, which has been recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world.

Alwane Bahrain is launching this campaign for the first time in support of national efforts to prevent breast cancer from increasing if it is not found early, especially after past screening programs in numerous districts and villages resulted in the discovery of many women with the disease.

Many activities are included in the “Alwane..Pink” campaign, such as practical lectures on how to conduct a breast cancer self-examination, setting up an awareness platform in a commercial complex to raise awareness of the importance of early detection, printing awareness brochures, producing and broadcasting video clips, meetings, and media messages via social media.

Mr. Ammar Awachi, Chairman of Alwane Bahrain Society, stated that the campaign is part of the society’s recognition that Bahraini women live a healthy life, which is an essential foundation in their full roles as students, employees, mothers, and housewives, as well as their contribution to the stability and development of society in various aspects, particularly economic development.

“We also should highlight Bahraini women’s great awareness of protecting their health by adopting healthy lifestyles and avoiding diseases, including her initiative for early detection of breast cancer, which takes advantage of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s advanced health facilities in this field.” As stated by Mr. Awachi.

Mona Al-Askari, the head of the Bahrain Alwane Society’s Health Awareness Committee and a nursing specialist, acknowledged that the “Alwane.. Pink” breast cancer awareness campaign aims to urge Bahraini women to seek early diagnosis of the disease.”Through this campaign, we hope to educate women in Bahrain from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds on the need for early screening, particularly the fact that the cure rate for breast cancer rises to more than 90% when detected early.” Al Askari said.

Al Askari concluded by emphasizing the necessity of all women over the age of forty in the Kingdom of Bahrain conducting early breast cancer screenings, particularly those who have a family history of the disease and must undergo this test at a young age.