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NBB holds its OGM announcing new board members

October 14, 2021

The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) held its Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) on Wednesday, October 13th, at the Downtown Rotana Hotel in Manama. The meeting was attended by NBB’s Shareholders, Board of Directors and Members of the Executive Management.

The meeting was headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Farouk Yousif Khalil Al-Moayyed and highlighted the bank’s achievements and milestones to date, and announced the departure of two board members, Mr. Khalid Yousif Abdulrahman and Mr. Hussain Sultan and Al Ghanem, thanking them for their dedicated service and accomplishments. The meeting went on to welcome two new members, Mr. Vincent Van Den Boogert and Mr. Zaid Khalid Abdulrahman.

Commenting on the occasion, NBB Chairman, Mr. Farouk Al-Moayyed, stated: “Under the patronage of our board members over the past years, the National Bank of Bahrain has achieved outstanding milestones, launching several initiatives that have greatly contributed to the growth and development of the Bahraini community and the organisation as a whole. The bank has changed the face of the banking sector within the Kingdom, emerging as a strong market leader to be exemplified within the field. NBB has transformed into a national enabler, pushing forward the Kingdom’s Economic Vision 2030, and driving change across the sector and the community.”

“The bank has worked diligently towards expanding its operations over the years, culminating in the acquisition of a majority stake in Bahrain Islamic Bank, and forming the NBB Group. NBB also introduced and successfully maintained an upwards trajectory on an ongoing transformation journey, as it made the shift from a conventional retail bank to a national pioneer embracing technological advancements and cutting-edge FinTech by launching a new NBB Mobile App,” he added.

“Under the guidance of our board members, our Retail, Corporate & SME portfolios remained resilient, reflecting a strong market appetite for NBB’s products as we continue to introduce innovative solutions and initiatives that cater to our customers’ needs. Internally, the bank has always placed the utmost importance on talent development, and we have continued on our path of investing in our people by providing numerous training and development opportunities to our entire workforce, as we look towards perpetuating the sustainable development of the bank,” he continued.

“During our esteemed board members’ tenure, and under their careful direction, NBB initiated a sustainability programme, ranging from donations and contributions to environmental initiatives, and culminating in the adoption of ESG into the bank’s operations. Today, NBB has rolled out sustainability practices on both the board and the organisational levels, with an established sustainability committee comprised of individuals from the bank to monitor and address methods that will allow us to increase our sustainability endeavours,” he stated.

“We additionally received many accolades over the years, having been recognised by the Euromoney Awards for Excellence as the ‘Best Bank in Bahrain’ in 2019, ‘The Middle East’s Best Bank Transformation’ in 2020, and ‘The Middle East’s Best Bank for Corporate Responsibility’ in 2021, alongside receiving numerous prestigious awards from world-renowned regional and global award bodies. These achievements are a testament to the ongoing path of transformation that NBB has engaged in since 2017,” he added.

“On a final note, I would like to extend my deepest thanks to former board members, Mr. Khalid Yousif Abdulrahman and Mr. Hussain Sultan and Al Ghanem for their years of service to the board and applaud them for their contributions to the many initiatives that took place during their prosperous tenure and I’m delighted to welcome our newly appointed board members, Vincent Van Den Bogart, Mr. Zaid Khalid Abdulrahman, and to our re-elected Board members,” he concluded.

The National Bank of Bahrain endeavours to accomplish several key milestones on the organisation’s journey towards contributing to the Bahraini community through its ESG initiatives, and driving the realisation of Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030.