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Bahrain Pavilion set to open at Gitex today

October 17, 2021

The Bahraini national pavilion at Gitex Technology Week 2021 will be launched today (October 17) at the World Trade Center in Dubai, with the participation of government and private sector organisations working in the ICT sector in Bahrain.

The pavilion will comprise Bahrain’s Economic Development Board, 20 start-up companies, three universities, Benefit company and major sponsorship from Alba and Batelco, a statement said.

For the fifteenth year in a row, the pavilion is organized by the Bahrain Society for Technology Companies BTECH and WorkSmart for event management, with the support of Labour Fund Tamkeen.

The Bahraini National Pavilion launches its activities this year, together with over 1,200 firms from across the world representing almost a hundred nations, with Gitex attendees projected to surpass 100,000, including international investors. Many activities related to the newest breakthroughs in technology and applications are being held during the expo.

Bahraini companies participating in Gitex focus on contemporary ICT breakthroughs such as 5G technology, artificial intelligence, cyber security, cloud computing, digital economies, and blockchain. Gitex also helps innovators by introducing new projects that are of interest to entrepreneurs and technology developers.

The presence of Bahraini companies at Gitex reflects the advanced level of the Kingdom of Bahrain's ICT sector, as well as its ability to participate in various regional and international events and exhibitions, which reflects positively on supporting investment in this sector and showcases Bahraini expertise.

This participation would emphasize the significance of the Bahraini ICT sector as a key supporter of the national economy, particularly since Bahraini technology companies demonstrated high capabilities during the Corona pandemic, whether in terms of assisting in the fight against the epidemic or facilitating the work of economic sectors and citizens' lives.

Gitex Technology Week runs from October 17 to 21.