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NBB awarded gold accreditation from investors in people

October 24, 2021

The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has been awarded the ‘We Invest in People’ Gold accreditation from Investors in People, a UK-based, non-profit accreditation body. The bank joins 17% of select organisations internationally who have received the accreditation, becoming the first bank in the GCC and MENA region to achieve this status.

The Gold accreditation signifies full ownership of business practices put in place to support an organisation’s workforce, underscoring the leadership enacted in these core policies so that the organisation makes work better. NBB has been recognised for its leadership, empowering approach and its creation of progress and development opportunities for its workforce.

The bank has made continuous efforts on its vivid transformation journey, with a focus not only on building its people, but also on implementing ESG methodologies in unconventional ways. Demonstrating the effectiveness of active engagement to reap tangible and positive outcomes, the bank’s leadership approach has cemented trust, empowerment and delegation of authority to the right team members, underscoring its achievements and shaping the bank as an industry leader.

With a drive to encourage innovative thinking, the bank provides its human cadre with internal and external development opportunities, breeding transformative thinkers who are able to make changes on both a business and an industry scale. The bank’s commitment towards building capabilities has enabled its people to prosper across various employee-led initiatives.

Commenting on the Gold accreditation, NBB Chairman, Farouk Yousif Khalil Al-Moayyed, stated: “It is with pleasure that we announce the National Bank of Bahrain’s Gold accreditation from Investors in People. As the first bank in the MENA region to receive this prestigious award, we take great pride in our commitment and subsequent efforts to become an organisation that thrives on investing in our people and reaping their many successes. At NBB we seek to nurture our workforce and strive to instil the bank’s core values amongst our team members. We take pride in our people flourishing both personally and professionally.”

“Over the past year, NBB has achieved many key milestones, which acted as a catalyst for our many internal successes. Our people are our most valuable asset, and their continuous development works to enhance our business operations, elevate the sector’s skillset and develop the industry as a whole,” he added.

On his end, the Deputy Chairman of NBB’s Nomination, Remuneration, Governance, and Sustainability Committee, Dr Esam Abdulla Yousif Fakhro, said: “It is our ultimate goal to enhance the environment in which we operate, beginning with our organisation. As Investors in People, we aim to continue putting appropriate governance structures in place that work to provide our workforce with opportunities to grow and develop, in line with the goals of the organisation. Creating a better workplace is pivotal to our mission of adding value to our stakeholders as we bring our strategy to build a healthier, more prosperous and productive organisation to life from the inside out. ”

Investors in People has impacted over 11 million people in 66 countries since its inception in 1991, with more than 50,000 organisations receiving accreditation. The accreditation body has defined and developed its accreditation process for almost 3 decades with the aim to accredit any organisation with the right blend of talent, motivation and leadership. The gold accreditation benefits businesses through a measure of impact on the organisation’s people strategy and how it benefits their team, motivating organisations to constantly evolve their initiatives.

The National Bank of Bahrain is committed to being an industry leader within the Kingdom, nurturing talented individuals and building successful teams that contribute meaningfully to our economy and towards implementing transformative ideas that will shape the core of the organisation.