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Friends of Bahrain in the European Parliament discusses closer cooperation with the Arabian Gulf University

November 10, 2021

The President of the Arabian Gulf University, Dr. Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al-Ohali, received at the university’s headquarters in Manama, a delegation of five members of European Parliament from the Friends of Bahrain group, headed by MP Thomas Zedchovsky (Czech Republic)

During the meeting, which was attended by His Excellency Deputy Ali Muhammad Ishaqi, head of the honorary mission, and the Director of the French Arabian school of Business Administration, Dr. Arnaud Lacheret, the President of the Arabian Gulf University presented important glimpses of the history of the university’s founding in 1980 with the support of the leaders of the countries of the GCC, and the most important academic programs Innovative projects and achievements for more than 40 years.

Dr. Al-Ohali explained the most important strategic goals of the university, such as bringing the people of the Arab Gulf under one academic roof, addressing incurable diseases and finding innovative therapeutic solutions to the most important and prominent major Gulf issues, in addition to being a house of expertise, advice, and scientific and clinical research, pointing out that the unique academic programs at Arabian Gulf University are not similar to the rest of the academic programs in the local universities, but rather works to present and embody a model that anticipates the requirements of the future.

Dr. Al-Ohali added: “The university was able to graduate 6000 male and female graduates from various GCC countries, including 2,992 male and female doctors, and most of them constitute the backbone of the health care system in the GCC countries.”

The President of the Arabian Gulf University introduced the visiting delegation to the new and innovative academic programs that emerged from the needs of the countries of the region. “A number of innovative programs have been launched, such as the Master of Next Generation Computing, the Master Program in Regenerative Medicine, which qualifies its graduates in the field of stem cell therapy and anti-aging, and the Master program in Clinical Family Medicine in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Health.

In addition, Dr. Khaled Al-Ohali presented the most important projects emanating from the Arabian Gulf University, including the King Abdullah Medical City project, the Princess Al-Jawhara Al-Ibrahim Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics, the University Medical Center, the Simulation and Medical Skills Center, which is an accredited center by the American Society for Medical Simulation. The Clinical Research Center, which seeks to transfer international expertise in the field of clinical research and innovative treatments to the Arab Gulf community.

He stressed that the university sought to enhance interaction with the international community and strengthen partnership with international organizations, universities, and prestigious centers in order to transfer expertise and science to the Arabian Gulf University for the benefit of university students and the peoples of the region.

Dr. Al-Ohali continued: “One of these partnerships is cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO), where the university chose an accredited center for regional training and education, the United Nations Environment Program (UNIP), the United Nations Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) and other international organizations, universities and research centers. All these efforts contributed to the university’s ranking as the best university for scientific research for this year, according to the “TIMES Global” index.

Moreover, Dr. Al-Ohali indicated that this advanced position was achieved after the programs of the Arabian Gulf University obtained many international academic accreditations, such as the PhD program in Innovation Management obtaining the accreditation of the International Institute for Innovation, the MBA obtaining the accreditation of the French ESSEC University, and the Princess Al-Jawhara Center obtaining the accreditation of the Association American Pathologists.

The President of the Arabian Gulf University, Dr. Khaled Al-Ohali, renewed his thanks and appreciation to the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain for its continuous support and assistance to the university’s efforts, which resulted in the realization of all these achievements.

For his part, Representative Thomas Zedchovsky expressed his happiness with this visit, praising the practical and research progress and academic reputation achieved by AGU in recent years, expressing his desire to enhance scientific, research and advisory cooperation between AGU and the European Parliament.