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BisB offers special finance schemes for Diyar Al Muharraq villas

November 15, 2021
islamic finance

Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB), the leading Islamic banking services provider in the kingdom, has announced the launch of exclusive financing offers, on the last phase of the Deerat Al Oyoun project villas in Diyar Al Muharraq, coinciding with the start of their sale on November 7.

BisB’s financing offers are available to all customers eligible for the Mazaya Social Housing Scheme, providing competitive profit rates, the waver of both administrative fees and evaluation fees.

In a limited time offer, customers will additionally enjoy the benefit of either complementary flooring for the four-bedroom villa, or alternatively free landscaping for the front and back exteriors of their home upon submission of their financing application, valid until December 31, said the bank in a statement.

Those interested in obtaining financing to purchase their own home in Deerat Al Oyoun will benefit from a flexible repayment tenor of up to 30 years, in addition to receiving free fire and life insurance.

Interested customers will be able to view the fully furnished show villa whilst applying for financing at the BisB Kiosk in the sales office located on the Deerat Al Oyoun project site.

On the new finance offers, CEO Hassan Jarrar said: 'We are pleased to offer competitive financing solutions to our valued customers interested in purchasing villas in the last phase of the Deerat Al Oyoun Project. Alongside the Ministry of Housing and Eskan Bank, the financing offer comes in line with our ongoing commitment to simplify the acquisition of social housing solutions in the kingdom.'

'It is through the provision of various unique benefits that BisB aims to provide an exceptional customer experience whilst obtaining financing. We welcome everyone to visit our kiosk in the Deerat Al Oyoun sales office where they can experience the full extent of our distinctive solutions, designed to meet our customers’ every need,' he added.