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Al Awadhi acquires all shares of NGN International

November 23, 2021

Businessman Yaqoob Al Awadhi, declared that he has acquired all of the shares of the “NGN International” company for digital transformation and cybersecurity solutions, changing it into a 100% Bahraini company and restricting all of its operations to its Manama headquarters. It is now a trusted national partner for different public and private sector entities in offering integrated solutions, as well as cybersecurity services, in particular, to assist digital transformation.

Al Awadhi, who became chairman and chief executive of the company as a result of the acquisition, preferred not to disclose the value of the acquisition, but he did say that the other partners departed their interests in the company after appraising it at a reasonable price. “The main motivation for the purchase was to create a 100% Bahraini entity that performs all sensitive technical operations on its premises to ensure customer privacy and the reliability of the services it provides, especially since cybersecurity is regarded as one of the most vital and important fields for institutions working in energy, health, government services, and others.” Al Awadhi said.

After the acquisition, the number of Bahrainis working for NGN was increased, with ambitious plans to train and qualify more national cadres, create quality jobs for them, and integrate them into the company’s departments after they had mastered advanced technologies such as cyber security, AI, VR, AR among others, according to Al Awadhi.

“NGN is actively developing its strategy and operational model to preserve its market leadership in Bahrain for digital transformation and cybersecurity solutions, as well as expand in the Gulf region. We’d also want to thank all of the company’s clients in the public and private sectors for their trust, and we’re eager to provide them with the highest levels of cybersecurity possible to secure their business’s success and support their digital transformation objectives.” Al Awadhi said.

By establishing the “NGN SOC” center, Al Awadhi asserted that “NGN” has become Bahrain’s first comprehensive center for cybersecurity services, providing unparalleled protection for the information systems of various entities, companies, government, and commercial institutions, and banks. He added that NGN SOC specialists use a proactive monitoring technique to detect, monitor, and prevent any cyberattacks. Al Awadhi highlighted plans to expand the “NGN” center for advanced skills training in the field of ICT, boosting the capacities of more Bahraini individuals in this vital sector, and increasing their competitiveness to secure rewarding jobs.

“NGN will maintain fruitful working connections with important worldwide ICT businesses to stay up with the industry’s different rapid developments and to localize best practices and knowledge in Bahrain, which will also contribute to the Kingdom’s ambitious plans for economic recovery.” AL Awadhi concluded.