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Al Salam Bank receives students from the American University of Bahrain

November 24, 2021

Al Salam Bank received a delegation of students from the American University of Bahrain at its headquarters in Manama at the start of November 2021. Mr. Anwar Murad, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Banking at Al Salam Bank, welcomed the students with a mentoring session on their future careers, preparing them for the job market and answering any questions students had. The students also benefitted from a risk management session, presented by Mr. Krishnan Hariharan, Al Salam Bank’s Chief Risk Officer.

During the visit, the student delegation was given an introduction on the banking sector as a whole, in addition to learning about the inner workings of Al Salam Bank. They were further given insight into the extent of the pandemics effects on the sector, educating them on the main risks banks face and the appropriate monitoring and assessment tools used to mitigate such risks.

Commenting on the occasion, Head of Human Resources & Administration at Al Salam Bank, Ms. Muna Al Balooshi, said “We are proud to welcome students from the American University of Bahrain on a tour of the Bank’s headquarters. This comes in line with our ongoing commitment towards developing our future generation, preparing them for professional excellence in their careers. With social sustainability playing a central role in our ethos, Al Salam Bank aims to strengthen and add value to the banking sector in Bahrain, through initiatives designed for the growth of Bahraini talent and youth.”