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Technology supports realization of tourist strategy’s objectives: Al Awadhi

November 25, 2021

The rise of the use of technology in many aspects of the tourist sector, according to information technology expert Yaqoob Al Awadhi, would aid in the realization of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s ambitious tourism strategy goals. He stated that information technology has become one of the modern concepts that have been able to leapfrog the tourist industry in recent years, boosting this essential sector forward.

Al Awadhi said that VR/AR technologies have become increasingly important in providing visitors and tourists with the experience of visiting places such as markets, museums, and other attractions on the ground, as well as providing tourists with information about tourist destinations such as castles and archaeological sites via smart glasses, for example.

Al Awadhi also emphasized the importance of “big data” in the tourism industry, stating that Bahrain’s new tourism strategy has set an ambitious goal of attracting about fifty million tourists by 2026, which necessitates information systems capable of studying tourism markets around the world, countries exporting tourists and their destinations, and analyzing and converting that data into data that supports the policy of attracting tourists from various parts of the world.

Al Awadhi also discussed his company’s expertise in supplying one of Bahrain’s largest resorts with an application that enables entire resort control, which helped to the development of the operating model and improving the visitor experience. He stated that competition in the tourist industry necessitates the utilization of contemporary technology and making use of its benefits. Noting that the rapid application of big data, cloud computing, mobile communications, and smart terminals in the tourism industry leads not only to changes in the consumption situation but also to a change in the pattern of supply of tourism services.

“At the present time, modern information technology, represented by the Internet, is causing major changes in the tourism industry, assisting in the acceleration of market recovery, promotion of innovation in production methods, service methods, management models, and diversified product forms, as well as expanding the area of tourism attraction,” Al Awadhi concluded.