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Monta and CITA EV announce exclusive EV charge point partnership in Middle East

November 25, 2021

Electric vehicle (EV) charging app, Monta, and e-mobility solution provider, CITA EV, have announced a new partnership to help supercharge EV charge point infrastructure in the Middle East.

As part of the agreement, CITA will utilise Monta software to provide businesses and organisations in the Middle East with opportunities to install and manage new charge points.

Monta will also provide 24/7 customer support and payment system to provide a pain-free charging process for charge point owners and drivers, becoming CITA’s exclusive EV charge point software provider in the Middle East in return.

Monta’s platform brings together organisations and charge point installers to provide more solutions to EV drivers, such as smart queueing and reservation features, while adding a new revenue stream.

Electric charge point infrastructure is set to undergo significant transformation in the Middle East as the adoption rate of electric vehicles increases, something which is seen as a significant opportunity for growth in the region.

Countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia are pushing for at least 10% and 30% of cars in their respective regions to be electric by 2030, while the United Arab Emirates is aiming to have 42,000 electric vehicles on its streets within the same time period.

“Electric vehicles in the Middle East have increased tenfold over the past five years, to the point where the current amount of public chargers simply cannot fulfill demand,” said Ian Beattie, Sales and Operations Director at CITA.

“Organisations across the region are looking to support the move to electric vehicles, as well as flexible solutions that benefit everyone, but simply can’t get there fast enough. This is where Monta comes in, offering a seamless charge point integration experience. We’ve been really impressed with Monta’s expertise, skills, and customer service support, and we’re looking forward to working with them more in the future.”

Casper Rasmussen, CEO and Co-founder at Monta, said of the news: “CITA’s work in supporting electric charging in the Middle East is unrivalled, and this partnership represents the perfect opportunity to provide clean transportation to organisations, businesses, and drivers across the region. The Middle East is a key growth market right now and we’re excited to show how easy it is to make the jump to electric mobility.”

CITA EV provides e-mobility solutions that help support the market’s growing need for EV charging solutions. The company recently launched its new product range of e-Mobility solutions for homes and businesses and was named a CES® 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree for its Smart 7 Home and Office EV charger.

Available on iOS, Android and as a web-based app, Monta connects business owners with charging point installers to help power electric vehicles. EV owners can freely use the app to find charging points near them as well as track energy consumption, usage, and costs.