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Gulf Air 'continues to invest and develop Bahraini workforce'

December 28, 2021

Gulf Air, the national carrier of Bahrain, has reaffirmed its objectives towards strengthening its work network and contributing to strengthening Bahrain's leading position in the aviation sector to enhance opportunities for professional development and employment for Bahraini cadres to participate in the operations of the company's fleet.

During a meeting with Tamkeen’s Chief Executive Hussain Muhammad Rajab held at the airline’s headquarters, Gulf Air’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Captain Waleed AlAlawi expressed his pride of Bahrain’s young workforce.

He said: “We’re very proud to work with one common vision which is the benefit and wellbeing of promising Bahraini labour. Over the years, we have managed to train many pilots and engineers to start their careers in the industry. Each of these local talents will eventually support his or her family and by this we will reach community solidarity and a better life for all.”

On his part, Rajab, praised the importance of training and developing national cadres in various fields, especially in the aviation sector and creating appropriate job opportunities. He also introduced the initiatives and opportunities for growth available through the new programmes that Tamkeen will soon launch to serve various industries in the private sector.

He stressed that Tamkeen, within its new strategy, emphasises on achieving the economic impact of training opportunities in line with market requirements. This will contribute to increase the creation of skilled job opportunities for Bahrainis in the economic sectors, and increase their competitive capabilities and footprint in local and international markets.

A spokesman said Gulf Air’s overall aim is to enhance opportunities for training and employment of Bahrainis within the Kingdom’s aviation sector. The airline is a leader in the Bahrainisation programme as it provides the opportunity for local and experienced talents to work in various areas of the airline’s business and is committed to invest in its workforce and their career development. It also continues to provide opportunities for Bahraini nationals to take over higher management positions.