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CrediMax introduces its Digital onboarding service ‘eCrediMax’

January 5, 2022

CrediMax is pleased to announce that customers can now apply for CrediMax cards online through its new Mobile App by submitting their request through simple steps and within minutes. The applicant will also be able to save their application and continue at their convenience and track the application status.

Mr. Ahmed A. Seyadi, CrediMax Chief Executive commented that this new service comes in line with the company’s strategy to continue developing convenience and improved digital experiences to its customers. CrediMax is keen to enrich its customers’ experience and ensure that they obtain the best services following the most advanced digital trends.

Mr. Seyadi added that this service comes within the framework of CrediMax’s digital strategy in developing its products and services, to support the digital transformation journey, and provide a seamless digital onboarding experience for its customers

For more details on CrediMax products and services, please check our social media @credimax.b.s.c or call / WhatsApp 17117117 or visit www.credimax.com.bh