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REACH celebrates Autism month with a pledge of Autism acceptance

May 6, 2022

On April 2, millions of people around the world celebrated the 9th annual World Autism Awareness Day in recognition of the 1 in 68 people born and living with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Looking back at Autism Awareness Month, REACH Behavior and Development Center continues to shed light on the importance of Autism Acceptance and inclusion for the next generation. Clinical Director, Grace McAree is visiting a number of schools of different grade levels, such as St. Chris, British School of Bahrain, and Beacon School, across Bahrain to spread awareness about the growing disorder, and conducted a workshop on Autism Acceptance.

With the success and demand of autism awareness workshops, REACH is continuing its school tours for the remainder of the year. It is important to shed light on autism, and celebrate our differences, and it is vital to start with the youth.

How you celebrate might be different than how others do, but the message of inclusion will be the same, join us by taking the pledge.

With this pledge, we aim to spread awareness to accept one another’s differences:

“Every morning, I pledge to treat others with kindness and make a conscious effort to celebrate our differences.”

REACH Founder and CEO, Mona Tadayyon shares her thoughts on inclusivity: “The “take home” message here is that inclusive education that is planned and includes practices with sound support, such as peer-mediated interventions, may indeed yield successful inclusive educational experiences for students with ASD. Including students with ASD without such support is more likely to result in negative social experiences”

REACH has also celebrated this important cause with an autism acceptance campaign which sheds light on the difficulties faced by children with autism in daily life, you can check out the video on our social media page and has launched a national autism got talent contest, which welcomed individuals on the spectrum to submit their talent for a chance to win valuable prizes.