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The Merchant House takes a step towards sustainability with their Business Card QR Codes

May 18, 2022
real estate

As part of its drive to be an industry leader in terms of environmental sustainability, the Merchant House Hotel Manama has introduced digital business cards which can be accessed via a QR code. The five-star boutique hotel is one among the only two such businesses in Bahrain to do so.

The move allows the hotel, its cafe and restaurant to create, customize, and launch the perfect customer experience with just a scan. Guests can navigate the full website, important information such as contact and location details, current promotions and much more at their leisure on their cell phones.

Justin Kim, General Manager of The Merchant House said “Environmental stewardship is as important to us as providing a luxurious and comfortable guest experience. In fact, the sustainable practices that we adopt enhance that experience by making activities safer and more convenient for our patrons.”

Other sustainable initiatives adopted by the hotel in the past include the incorporation of the ROX Machine, a chemical-free approach to cleaning and sanitizing food, kitchen equipment, guest luggage and public areas, introducing chlorine-free pool water by using the Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Chlorine Generator and incorporating the Messerschmitt energy-saving system which provides superior control over aspects such as room temperature, amongst others.

The Merchant House goes above and beyond to participate in positively impacting the environment and encourages the community to join in and do the same.